7 Best Features of iPhone 7

Recently I bought iPhone 7, it looks so sleek & glossy. It is the new cool in the world. So for people who already have got iPhone 6 or 6S will feel a very less difference in the new handset but the differences are worth it! But for the people like me who have bought iPhone for the very first time will have each & every penny worth it & making you feel the charisma of iPhones.


Here are some of the features of iPhone 7 which are the most spoken about it :

  • Camera Quality : It has the best camera quality so far if we compare all the existing iPhones. Camera size has increased & each pixel quality even if you zoom in the camera is far better than all the phones.
  • Signal catching back white line : Two back signal catching white lines have been removed from new iPhone making it look different from iPhone 6 handsets.


  • Liquid LCD screen & jet black body colour : The enhanced & better LCD screen is water resistant. So you can even use the phone on drizzling days but obviously don’t assume it that you can dip for phone in water bucket! Clarity of the screen is very enhanced as compared to the old screens. Also Jet black is the new body colour being added.


  • 3D touch : A new feature which let’s you use the Apps features by 3D touch & open the particular feature without even opening the full app.
  • Single Charging & Headphones Point : Earlier there were separate charging & headphones point but now to make it more comfortable, Apple has introduced single charging & headphones point. For all the old headphones users, a jack is provided to connect your old headphones to iPhone 7.


  • Big Speakers : Speakers have become more big as a result of single charging point. Enhanced sound quality of speakers as more space for speakers.
  • Touch Home Button : Now users don’t have to click hard to go back to home neither they have to apply a virtual home button click on their screens. Now Apple have introduced touch on home button so that we don’t have to click hard & just be one touch user can go back to home.

These were the 7 cool features of iPhone 7.

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