7 Skin Care Home Remedies during Winters


Winters – The chilly season makes one feel fresh & alive. Smart boots, mufflers, fur jackets, cute hand gloves, pom pom caps & so on. But unfortunately, our skin is the most affected part of our body.

During winters, generally skin tends to get dry, itchy & dull due to lack of moisture. Blessed are the ones who doesn’t face this, but majority of people go through this transformation.

Hence, to overcome this, we buy best cold creams, moisturisers, body butters & what not. Still feeling cracked out after applying these solutions. We overlook things present at home that may enhance skin care routine better & long stay than those available in market.

7 Winter Skin Care Home Remedies

  1. Coconut Oil Massage: Coconut 🥥  oil is widely used in winters for skin & hair. It works wonders  to skin making it softer & moisturises it naturally.  Use virgin coconut oil for face & body.
    • Apply it during the night before sleeping & observe all the dryness & cracks vanishing off the other day.
    • Repeat this for a week & see the differences in the skin.
  2. Almond Oil Massage: For those who find coconut oil a bit heavy & oily for face, use 100% pure almond oil for face. Almonds are rich in vitamin E & other fatty acids which makes skin vibrant & supple.
    • Take 2-3 drops of almond oil & apply on face & other body parts.
    • Apply it using your fingers or a cotton during night & observe the wonders next morning.
  3. Glycerine: It is easily available in the market. Mainly used for extremely dry skin. It is a bit heavy to apply & is slightly sticky due to which you may feel oily. But remember if your skin is adversely affected & dry with roughness, then glycerine is best to use.
    • Apply it with cotton over the affected area.
  4. Petroleum Jelly: This is again easily available during winters & is very cheap.
    • Mainly used on dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels.
    • It helps in getting rid of dry & cracky skin conditions.
  5. Banana & Honey Face Mask: Bananas 🍌  are rich in vitamin C, A & B6. During winters , this fruit is easily available. Eating bananas itself is very advantageous but applying on face makes skin clean & soft.
    • Mash the banana in a tray.
    • Mix a tablespoon of honey with it & apply gently on face.
    • Leave it for 20 mins & wash away & wipe.
    • Observe the softness & smoothness it leaves on skin.
  6. Lemon & Honey Face Pack: Honey 🍯  in winters is extremely useful because of its antioxidants properties. Lemon 🍋 has anti-inflammatory properties & soothes itchy & irritated skin during winters. Mixture of both honey & lemon acts as an effective solution for reducing patchiness & itchiness on skin. It leaves skin bright & soft.
    • Mix half lemon with 2 tablespoon of honey.
    • Dab the mixture with cotton & apply it on face.
    • Leave it for 10 mins & rinse with water.
    • Use a good moisturising lotion after this home remedy.
  7. Papaya, Banana & Honey Face Pack: Papayas contains anti-oxidants & bananas 🍌  are known for vitamin content. Honey 🍯  is known for making skin soft. This pack rejuvenates skin making it firmer & young.
    • Mash papaya & banana leaving no lumps & mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey.
    • Apply this paste on face & dry areas of body.

Apply any of these 7 solutions in your daily routine & say bye bye to expensive products available in market. These days skin care companies also tends to use natural products in their ingredients. So why not create your own DIY Face Masks & save those extra bucks for better usage. Remember, for skin care always go with natural remedies, you will never face any problems of acnes or dryness.

With all these natural home remedies, keep your skin soft & glowing all through winters & flaunt the perfect skin during summers.

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