Are you also Nail Paints Addicted?

Are you a Nail Paint Addict

Do u stare at your hands unexpectedly & think about endless colour combinations & designs you can have on your nails? Have you ever left your nails uncoated?  Don’t you take out time every 2-3 days gaps for your nails? Do you still buy another nail colour even if you already  have the one from same colour family ?

If yes then welcome to nail paints addicted family. Many girls don’t realise but do all of the above. Here are some signs that you may be a nail addict:

1) You have no room for new nail polish but you still buy it.

2) You are ready to paint your nails at 12:00 am in the night even if you are hell tired.

3) You can’t see your chipped nails

4) You know which nail paints needs second coat (pastel colours) & which doesn’t (OPI shades)

5) You don’t care if no one notices your nail art! Because that something you have done for your own. You love it all.

6) While painting your nails if it gets bubbles or gets touched, you get a mini heart attack & you are emotionally broken!

7) You own a proper nail paints wardrobe at your home.

8) You stare at peoples naked nails & wonder how they live like this all life!


After you have painted your nails with all colours. It definitely would requires the nourishment which can be given by some cuticle oils. Do read my another post on cuticle oil HERE.

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