Faux Fur Coats are the new hit in London

Think of Faux Fur coat & what pops up in mind are : Wealth, Confidence, Elegance & Glamour. Of course, not

encouraging real fur as the slaughter of any animal for fashion is not humane but we would definitely talk about faux fur & let’s appreciate this trends uniqueness.

These coats are so fun. You can club this coat with any bottoms. Jeans or Jeggings are the best suited for them but goes really well with skirts as well.

Moreover other than style, they are so warm that we wouldn’t want to layer us.

We get a variety of colours in faux fur coats. Just make sure if you are wearing any bright colour coats so don’t club it with any other bright colours.

But my favourite still remains the black one as it is just so classy every-time & goes with anything.

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