Flaunt your collar bones with the off shoulders

Off-shoulder tops & dresses are a Big Hit this summers!

Why the off-shoulder tops & dresses are suddenly everywhere! This again is a 90’s inspired catchy trend that has come all over again.

From strapless tops to one-shoulder dresses & cut-out jump suits , there are plenty of ways to rock this trend.

If you are planning to visit any pub , bar or mall , you can see girls wearing the off shoulders & flaunt their cool looks.

Try pairing the off shoulder blouse with the maxi skirt or with a blue colour pair of jeans, or wear it with even shorts! These tops look cool with any lower.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 3.41.13 PM.png

Even the dresses now can be seen off shoulders either one shoulder off or both. Pair a stylish shoe with it & compliment the look. You can also pair cool sneakers with the dress giving it a cool look all over.


The off shoulder trend combines the sexy look making it more sophisticated at the same time.

Be it little crop top to jump suits, the off shoulder trend is the latest in !

So Flaunt your collar bones with this trend!

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