Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds
Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

“Big things come in small packets”. This saying is well applied to Chia Seeds. Being very small in size but full of nutrients.

Chia seeds originally come from a desert plant called Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family. It has gained a lot of attention in past.

Today we will discuss few benefits of Chia Seeds & why we should include them in our diet.

What are Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are good source of fibre, protein & minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium & zinc. Just imagine the power of 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.


Why Chia Seeds?

Research says including them in your diet improves cardiovascular risk factors such as lowering cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. Some benefits are:

  • Treats Weight loss
  • Easier bowel movements
  • Lowers Blood Pressure & cholesterol levels.
  • Controls diabetes
  • Digestion & detox
  • Fights heart diseases


How to Use?

Reading all above you should be convinced to consume Chia Seeds in your daily dietary routine. Since Chia Seeds have a neutral taste & act as a dry fruit, they can be used with majority of foods. They are best with water, fruit juices, smoothies & yoghurts. Goes well with rice, cereals, salads, sandwiches or vegetables.

Depending on your taste & food habits, you can consume these seeds. These can be mixed well with cooked food also because of their absorbent behaviour.

Just make sure not to swallow these seeds raw as they can choke your throat. Always mix them well in water or any other food to eat easily.



Try Chia Seeds with new foods & experiment it according to your taste. It’s very easy to follow healthy diet with Chia Seeds. I started Chia Seeds in Fruit Juices & Yoghurt. It tasted so well & have made a habit of including them daily in my diet. The only hack is dedication & control over food. Let me know in comments your new recipes with Chia Seeds.

Stay Healthy! Eat Healthy!

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