How to start a profitable blog? Step by Step guide

How to Start A Blog Website?
How to Start A Blog Website?


As a newbie, I started writing blogs in WordPress website. After writing 9-10 posts in WordPress(free domain) blog I planned to get a full domain & proper hosting for my blogs to increase the visibility. Hereby sharing the steps I followed which will help you setting up your blog website:


Step 1: Start writing blogs in some blogging website like WordPress, Blogger etc. Explore if you have the interest, urge & talent of writing.


Step 2: Once you have explored that you actually have the intention, now you can actually think of starting your own blog website.


Step 3: Search & get a meaningful domain which is attractive to readers. There are many domain providers like GoDaddy, WordPress etc.


Step 4: Get a web hosting done. First I would recommend go with a free host plan like 000webhost (which is a Hostinger free plan) & when you feel comfortable, you can move to web host plans from companies like Bluehost or Hostinger or WordPress.


Step 5: Search a good theme which is responsive for mobile & desktop both. Keep it simple & clean.


Step 6: Start involving your readers by writing more blogs which share your real experiences. People are interested in hearing your actual experiences rather than a fiction.


Step 7: After you have set of 25-30 blogs, expand your readers by inviting more people from social media. Pinterest being the most leverage platform for this purpose.


Step 8: Introduce Google Ads in your blog by setting up a Google Adsense account which takes around 2-3 days. Ultimately you should earn some pennies from your blog in which you have spent so much of effort.


Step 9: Keep few must use plugins in your blog which I will share in another post.


Step 10: Keep blogging regularly. Once you lose the pace, readers also gets lost & hence all the effort put gets waste & you need to start again.


I hope these steps will give you an initiating point which you can put to use. Let me know in comments about this post.


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