Make your own Scrub!

 For Skin , we can concentrate on various things right from scrubbing to face packing to toning & so on. All this at home? How that can be possible? Yes this all is possible without spending a penny on various expensive creams etc. available in market. Lets start one by one:

Scrub at home can be made using several ingredients which you can find at your home only, like:

Oatmeal Scrub:

Crush oatmeal to small chunks & mix it with honey & milk. Apply this scrub on face & leave for 5-10mins. Wash it off slowly by rubbing in a circular manner. It will leave your skin subtle soft & like a baby.


Coffee Scrub:

Now this is a scrub that is so yummy for all the coffee lovers! Take a coffee sachet (small one). Take milk powder that comes easily in sachet in markets. Take a refined sugar sachet. Now open all these in mix in a small bowl.

Let me give a trick, all these ingredients you can always find in a hotel. Whenever you visit a hotel when you are out for a vacation, don’t forget to take all these things in your bag with you! Now pour few drops of water (remember only few like 2-3 drops) in the bowl & start mixing it. You will see that small granules start forming. You are all done! Just apply this on your face & move it in a circular motion with a light hand. Don’t scrub very tightly. Leave it for 5-10mins again on the face until the scrub becomes a bit dry. Wash it off now again making circular motions slowly. You will observe all your dead skin is removed. Doing this scrub regularly actually takes all the dead skin leaving it very soft & young.

Banana Scrub:

This is also one of the easiest & best scrub made at home. Take a chunk of banana, take refined sugar & honey. Mash banana & mix in sugar & honey. Now apply this scrub softly in a circular motion. Leave it on face for 5-10mins. Wash it off by moving two fingertips in circular motion. This scrub makes skin soft & soothes the skin like anything. You can also use banana skin to rub on skin. Why waste that too!


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