Oils Obssessed

I have this little obsession with oils now a days & I am totally in love with it.

That’s Right! I put oil on my face, my hair & all over the body!

There was a time when I tries hell lot of creams which my skin doctor suggested. All chemical induced creams & medicines.. Ewwwww..!! For more than 2 years! Literally I was in a hell applying those addictive creams without which you can’t spend even a day because your skin gets so used to it that if you don’t apply the cream the face will be all red, itchy & exploded. And one fine day I met an Ayurvedic doctor & he saved me from all the steroids. And now I am all in it! Gone are the days when people used to apply all the fairness creams & the lotions which are full of chemicals. Why not just be close to nature & replace all those creams with natural oils! Yes you guys heard correct, all the chemical full creams & lotions have a replacement with organic & natural oils!

Yayyy…! And we are sorted in our own natural way..

Lets start with different kinds of oils that we can apply to our skin which gives the most wanted glow, fairness , acne free skin & what not !

So which all oils have made the top charts !

Coconut oil with Pure Camphor:

  • It works like wonders for all those who have redness on face, acne prone skin & fighting to get over it.
  • Its also good for people who want to enhance their face complexion to a lighter tone.
  • Because camphor has anti-inflammatory properties, it makes kin less prone to acne & pimples.
  • It works like wonders for any skin related ailments
  • If massaged with this mixture, it relieves torn out muscles. Joints, sprains & cramps. It also treats pregnancy cramps.
  • If massaged twice a day on spots & scars, it makes it disappear by time.
  • It protects skin from becoming excessive dry.
  • It soothes skin which has eczema & psoriasis. It helps in reducing itchiness & redness on skin
  • Last but not the least it helps in calming insect/mosquito bites. Apply this coconut oil with camphor on the bitten part, it really helps in making it calm.
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Jojoba Oil :

  • Lubricates the skin & protect from drying out.
  • The skin totally absorbs this oil making it more soft, subtle & smooth.
  • It leaves skin & nails naturally smooth, radiant & young.
  • Since it has fatty acid, its also used as anti-ageing solutions.
  • It is perfect for sensitive & dry skin.
  • It is also used as anti-inflammatory agent & soothes the irritated skin. The skin inflammation is reduced.
  • For chapped lips, it makes your lips soft like a baby’s lips
  • For cracked feet & dry hands, it heals & moisturises them as frequent washing your hands with chemicals can result into dryness.
  • It is used on itchy patches on skin which causes dead cells , bacterial & fungus infections on skin.
  • If your skin is sunburned, apply a layer of this oil, it regenerates & normalize the skin.
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Grape Seed Oil :

  • It tightens the skin & tones it as it has astringent properties.
  • Helps in minimising dark circles under eyes.
  • It has anti-oxidant attributes which really prevents skin ageing. Makes you look younger & slow down ageing process.
  • Moisturises your skin making it look baby-smooth.
  • Prevents acne outbreak & helps in curing existing ones.
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Almond Oil :

  • As you all know the never ending benefits of almond oil, let me state a few here :
  • Makes skin healthier. Reduces dark circles.
  • Delays Skin Ageing by reducing wrinkles & Fine Lines.
  • An Ideal MakeUp Remover.
  • Treats Chapped Lips
  • Reduces Tan.
  • Remove impurities & dead cells & so on.
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Till Now I have used these four oils on my skin & believe me it is far far far better than those chemicals that you apply on your face. Our skin is the delicate part of our body , let’s not punish it by using those steroid creams!

Let’s move towards being natural & make our skin look beautiful & young by applying these natural oils.

Hope you like this article. Will state some more benefits of these oils on Hair in me next story! Till then,

Keep Glowing, Keep Oiling !!

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