Review: PS… Nail Cuticle Oil & PS… Strong Nails

Cuticle Oil

After you have you nails painted with all beautiful colours which we talked in our last post HERE. Its time to talk about Nails Health. Oiling is the best nourishment to nails.

What is Cuticle oil?

Cuticle is a moisturising oil which is applied on the cuticles via brush or cotton to make it soft & shiny.

How to Apply Cuticle Oil?

Apply the oil over your cuticles & fingers. Massage it over the skin to simulate blood circulation. Leave it for 2-3 hours. Feel the smoothness & hydration.

Which Cuticle Oil to Use?

I got the cuticle oil from PS… a brand from Primark London & believe me I was not expecting much out of it. But it does all the wonders to me in just £1 for 10ml.

It has two versions. One is Cuticle Oil & another is Strong Nails. The second one is for giving Vitamin E to nails. If your nails are becoming dry, rough & brittle, Strong Nails is highly recommended for you. If you are looking something which only works for removing extra cuticles, then you should use Cuticle Oil.

Who should use Cuticle Oils?

People who use Nail Paints regularly, Cuticle Oil is a must for them. Also, if your nails are brittle & dry, please do make a habit of using this oil which does wonders to your nails.

Next time you are up in any stores like Primark but a one for your nails also. It keeps your nails live longer.

You can also buy cuticles Oils here.

Primark Website

Amazon Website


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