Sundays!!! Time to pamper yourself!

How do you guys spent Sundays? Just relaxing, sleeping, lazying out etc etc.

Sundays can be much better ! Don’t have any time for yourself? Busy with daily office going & relaxing on weekends or busy hanging out during weekends?

But when you will pamper yourself? No time for self! This kind of life highly affects our health! Be it or skin, hair or mind! When we pamper yourselves, the kind of happiness & satisfaction that we get is incomparable. It reduces stress, & keeps your distracted from all kind of stress near you.

At least one day we can spare for ourselves & spend in pampering, taking care of yourself & what not.

Right from hair to skin, nothing should be left untouched. This way you can keep yourself happy & take care of your health as well looking young each day.

How Sundays or at least one day of the week should be spent:

Lets start with hair & going towards skin, you can spent your Sundays & make them more useful & be more young:


Lets wake up drinking water & relax mind. Then start with your hair. Mix different kind of pure oils available at your home. For example, mix mustard oil (my favorite), castor oil (few drops), almond oil (again few drops) & coconut oil.

This mixture of oils can work like magic to your hair & scalp. If applied thoroughly with a massage (or champi whatever you say), can really make your hair lustrous, strong, healthy & soft like never before!

Leave your oiled hair for minimum one hour. You can leave it more also as per your convenience. Till that time you can focus on your skin now.


For Skin , we can concentrate on various things right from scrubbing to face packing to toning & so on.

First scrub the face, it removes all the dirt & dead skin from the face.

Apply a face pack which gives soothing effect on skin, makes skin softer.  And then tone your skin using a  good toner.


Sundays are the best day to pamper yourself & never take ease. Always keep doing something to look younger.

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