Surfers Paradise: A real Paradise


Gold Coast is one of the best & top most destination when it comes to holidaying or partying. Millions of visitors flock from all over the world to surf, swim, party & shop. Surfers Paradise is full of entertainment all day long. During the day you can visit various fun worlds for rides & thrill. We will talk about them later on. At night you can party hard at various clubs & bars at Surfers Paradise.

Getting There

Gold Coast Airport is the nearest to reach. You can take a bus which is the cheapest option to reach Surfers Paradise. Brisbane is another airport which is 77km from it.


Best Time to Visit

During Australian summer season, December – February which happens to be a summer break for students. Beaches are more frequented by tourists, locals & youngsters. These months are hot with some showers of rains. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, you can burn in minutes.



There are various expensive hotel options to medium level which can be a bit far from main city. We recommend you to go for an apartment rent which is the best or family or coupes as well. It gives you a private space with a good view in budget. The Shore is one the best example of Apartments on Surfers Paradise to stay at. For hotels, we recommend QT Hotels.



Food in Australia is one the best & fresh to find. For vegetarians & vegans, you will get plenty of options. Be it even Domino’s pizza, it will have fresh & tasty vegetables.


While you are there

When you are in Surfers paradise, you can do plenty of activities. Some of them are, go for surfing & water sports. The next thing that comes to mind is party, party & party harder. After 6 pm, majority of tourists or residents just head to clubs & bars. The entire scene gets converted to a party place which never sleeps! So, don’t forget to do clubbing. You can also plan to do shopping but make sure to go before 5pm as many shops start getting close after 5pm.


When planning a trip don’t forget to follow our travel packing tips in (Packing your bags for last minute Trips?Tips & Tricks) blog.

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