The Beach Swag

What to wear & what not to wear on Beach side! The biggest question that girls have in mind before visiting one!

Well, Beach style can be the sexist one or can be a vulgar one! There is a thin line in both!

To have that hot beach swag one should go for the cool breezy printed or plain stuff rather than tights or jazzy clothes!

Well to make it look cute & hot at the same time, the best outfit can be a short printed dress coordinated with sunglasses , hat & cute accessories.

Short dresses are the best to wear on beach as they are fun, breezy & hassle free to wear!


Choose happy & bright colours for the dress like blues, pinks, yellows! They uplift your mood & make it more playful!

A hat will enhance your look & make it more smart!


Lastly, Don’t forget to wear a high SPF sunblock.

Happy beaching! 

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