Top 10 Secrets to book Cheap Flights

10 Best INSIDER SECRETS to book cheap flights
10 Best INSIDER SECRETS to book cheap flights

Travel Plans can easily burn your pocket if not planned well in advance. If you want budget vacations, I would recommend a website which gives you an overall idea of how much money you need to travel to that destination. You can see the travel cost in your currency also. The website is Budget Your Trip, which gives a detailed travel cost to your destination for hotels, flights & other activities.


Now coming back to the flights, which takes the most of our travel budget. We should always first target to get the cheaper flights. Here I am giving you 10 best insider secrets to book cheap flights:


  • Book 60 days in advance

Passengers pay the lowest price when they book 2 months in advance. Make a point to list all long weekends coming in a year. Try to plan for the long weekends beforehand as they are the busiest for tourists & can incur a lot of cost if booked later.


  • Best Time to Search

Try to search for flights on Tuesdays noon. Avoid booking during weekends as majority have time to book during these 2 days only & probably you could fall paying more.


  • Cheapest days to fly

Weekdays being cheaper as compared to weekends for obvious reasons. But as per the survey done, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturdays are usually the cheap days.


  • Fly early or late

Avoid the peak hours during day time. Either catch an early day flight or catch the late night as both tend to be cheaper. Moreover, cabs are also cheaper during this time.


  • Check for low cost carriers

First check for low cost carriers rather than going for the luxury ones. Search for local or low budget flights for a destination.


  • Signup for alerts

Keep checking the websites you visit regularly for price compare & signup for their alerts.


  • Travel Credit Cards

Many companies give Travel cards which gives some discounts or points that can be used on any flight bookings. If you are a regular flier, go for these as per what is being given in your country.


  • Compare Prices

Don’t always check just one travel portal. Keep on checking different websites & go for the one that gives maximum discount. Some websites give discount to new users as well.


  • Search in incognito browser windows

Always make it a habit to search flights in incognito browser window so that you don’t leave your cookies & other information which websites can use to determine your search & behavior. This may result in increased prices in no time. So, better to be secretive in this search.


  • Don’t buy luggage if not going for many days

Search for A la carte flights which are usually low cost. Don’t buy the luggage if going for 2-3 days as flights gives 7kg cabin luggage also with a handbag which should be used well. If going for more days then it makes sense to buy luggage. If such cases, buy luggage beforehand only & not on the airport as they charge heavily for last minute over baggage.


I follow all above 10 Tips personally & believe I have never paid extra or over for a flight. Follow these Tip & let me know in comments if these were useful for you or not.

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